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Wine Review: Marionette Merlot 2015

Marionette Merlot 2015 with a steak dinner

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Marionette Merlot 2015 with a steak dinner

We decided to open a bottle of wine from one of the regional wineries while we enjoyed dinner on the deck. Here is what we thought of the 2015 Merlot from Marionette.

First Thoughts: Tastes like happiness! Also soft & dry.

Very good with the meal we enjoyed – Steak, grassy potatoes, garlic infused oil romaine salad, and garlic bread.

Not fruity but had hints of black cherry. Seemed to neutralize the palette. Easy to drink for those who don’t drink much red wine. Starts tart, ends smooth.

We would drink this for any reason – not just for dinner. Excellent wine and highly recommend it. Definitely would buy it again and consider not sharing it with anyone.

Price: over $20.00

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