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Sicamous Flood Risk & Water Conditions – May 18 & May 19, 2018

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First off, yes I know it’s been a while but life throws you some curve balls every now and then. I got an amazing opportunity to go work for an advertising technology company in the US which I jumped at, and now after more than 4 months I am back.

We had some friends join us this weekend and got the chance to get out on the water. I only wet a line twice because I didn’t want to bore the non-fishing types I had on board for too long. So here’s your fishing report: Nothing.

I’ll touch on the high water situation followed by the conditions out on the lake… but first…..

Make sure you put out your fires!

So we pulled in to Hungry Cove looking for a place to hang out and cook some smokies. As we were scanning the shoreline we notice smoke coming from a vacant area. Naturally we investigate to find a “fire pit” still smoldering with two large dry pieces of drift wood right in there. Call me paranoid but it seemed a little reckless to burn giant logs and not make sure to put it out. Anyways to the people who left that fire there – you’re welcome. We took care of it.

Sicamous Flood Risk

Seems like the serious risk of flooding is becoming a regular thing every year now. I don’t recall that being the case when I was younger. Anyways, yes the water is high and most of you probably already know that. I’ll just leave these pictures here and let them do the talking. I snapped these last night (May 19) around 8:00 – 8:30pm.

Water Conditions

The debris on the lake didn’t seem to be too bad on Friday but yesterday there certainly seemed to be more. As expected most of it is close the the mouth of the river. It’s not bad as you head up towards the narrows but there are definitely some random pieces floating around that can cause serious damage to your boat if you aren’t paying attention. Just be cautious out there.

On another note – the current coming out of the channel into the Shuswap is very strong. Especially as you approach the train bridge. It really seemed to almost behave like a river than anything else.

Lastly, the water temperature in and around the channel and Sicamous public beach is in the 50’s. However once you head out closer to the middle of the lake between Totem and Murdoch I was reading temperatures as high as 67F. The average temperature I was picking up on the lake would have been around 64-65F. We jumped in and it was nice, but we didn’t want to stay in the water more than a minute or two. That’s still kind of cold for our taste.

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