Course Conditions – Salmon Arm Golf Club (July 11, 2017)

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I’ve been eager to golf the Salmon Arm Golf Club again because it’s been a while. When I saw their “Beat the Heat” special for $65 I jumped because it can be pricey to golf this course. It certainly is and always has been a nice course so you will pay more of a premium. After tax your green fee alone is around $100 usually – but if you’re any type of golfer you owe it to yourself to try this course if you haven’t already.
I recommend you golfers take advantage of their “Beat the Heat” special while it lasts because I think you certainly get some good bang for your buck (green fee, half a cart, and $5 food/beverage voucher). No, Salmon Arm Golf Club did not pay me to say that – though if they want to I will happily accept their cash – or a free round. Haha!

How Busy Was It?

Salmon Arm Golf course tee boxIt wasn’t crazy but there definitely were golfers out there and I played pretty fast because I was a single. I played through a twosome at hole 7, then quickly caught up and eventually played through a threesome. After passing that threesome I was immediately behind another threesome. I ended up joining that second threesome at hole 17 and finished the round with them. Had I been with another golfer or two I’m pretty sure we would have maintained pace just fine staying in the order we teed off in originally. I did spend a fair bit of time waiting to take shots towards the end of the front 9 and definitely on the back 9. I was in no rush so this didn’t really bother me too much. Plus I started to play unbelievably bad on the back 9 that I was happy to take my time and focus on my swing… but it’s not like it helped anyways.

The Conditions

salmon arm golf course greenI don’t think I have ever golfed the Salmon Arm Golf Club Championship course in bad shape. This round was no exception. Very little dead grass on the fairways, the greens were consistently in good shape and I found them slightly fast. The image of the green in this section of this post was the worst – but I think it was more just an aesthetic deformity than anything as I didn’t notice it played any different than the other greens. Salmon Arm golf course hole 1 tee box Unfortunately I played in the sand more than I normally would so I can say that the bunkers played as they should. Two of the three I played in were pretty soft which is what I think they are supposed to be like. The other one I was in did seem a bit stiffer but I think that was the only issue. The rest of the bunkers by observation looked pretty soft and consistent. Lastly I’ll make a quick note on the tee boxes at hole #1. The two back tee boxes were closed so the big hitters will be teeing off a little closer than they normally would.

The Verdict

Salmon Arm Golf Club’s Championship course as usual did not disappoint. The the fairways, bunkers, and greens are consistent and almost entirely in top notch with only a few exceptions. Some of the bunkers didn’t seem to have their edges entirely defined (see right side of first panorama image below) but that shouldn’t really have an affect on how the sand plays. Not sure if they are changing the size/shape of some of the bunkers or not but that’s almost what it looks like to me. Anyways, go golf Salmon Arm and take advantage of their deal right now because it’s worth it. The only thing I found really disappointing about the whole experience was how I played. I shot a sloppy 106 – and that doesn’t include the 8 or so mulligans I took! hahah. This coming from the guy who shot an honest 91 at Hyde the other day… As I always say… I’m a consistently inconsistent golfer.

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