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This is an open letter to the community of Sicamous;

We were shocked to see how an article we published from an anonymous taxpayer in Sicamous regarding the Main Street bridge option has created quite a stir for Judy Moore who in no way was connected to the writing or publishing of that letter. It is completely understandable why some people wish to remain anonymous if these are the types of reactions they are going to get.

We were approached by an individual who liked what we were trying to do at MySicamous.com. They submitted the letter on the condition that they remain anonymous and we will continue to respect their wish. MySicamous.com is not endorsing any opinion on this matter (or any others) but we will take a stand on the right for people to voice their opinions without fear from bullying. We felt we could provide a platform for the local citizens, part time residents, and yes even the visitors to discuss issues in an open, thoughtful, and respectful way. What makes this country of ours so great is that we have this right. What also makes this country great is that we are allowed to respectfully disagree with each other. Unfortunately some people have a hard time with the “respectful” part.

These reactions do not represent what Sicamous is supposed to represent to us. We are not just talking about the MySicamous.com website. We are talking about our Sicamous as a community.

We invite all differing opinions to write respectful articles, respectful opinion pieces, and respectful responses. If you wish to share a respectful response favoring a different opinion on the bridge matter (or any other matter) then we will be happy to publish it. However after seeing the type of reactions geared towards an innocent person that we did, we can understand why someone would not want to do this. We find this very saddening.

Go ahead and disagree, but please be respectful about it and don’t accuse someone of something when you don’t know if they are really behind it.



(edit: June 20, 2017 @ 9:17pm) Did not like having to post this letter today. So here’s a post that shows you what my Sicamous is really like.

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