Coleman 2.5W Solar Panel


  • 2.5W Solar Battery Maintainer is ideal for maintaining 12V batteries in standard vehicles, ATVs and small boats
  • Plugs into 12V DC plug or directly to the battery with included battery clamps, and mounts onto windshield with suction cups
  • Amorphous solar panel is weatherproof
  • Includes alligator battery clamps, suction cups, o ring connector and fuse, 12V DC plug, and quick connect technology

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These are really quite useful for a small boat. If you are running anything that draws more power than a simple fish finder, you might only have a couple hours of power available while you’re on the lake. We purchased two of these and frankly they have come in handy. We use this in conjunction with our Minn Kota Power Center to provide a small trickle charge while out on the water, or while camping.

A simple and small investment for a little extra time on the water or for some charging when normal means aren’t available.

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