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OPINION: Questions Regarding New Highway & Main Street Bridge

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Questions Regarding the Proposed New Highway and Main Street Bridge

I am an out-of-province part time resident tax payer in Sicamous and during my last visit met with a lady in the Askew’s parking lot who had a lot of information on the controversy surrounding the Sicamous Main Street Bridge. She was soliciting signatures opposing the new Main Street Bridge.  Before I sign her petition I wanted to do my own due diligence and investigation.  I looked up the presentation done by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure as well to familiarize myself with the 3 options.  There are a few points that out-of-province residents need to consider when evaluating the options:

  1. The current mayor is not a Sicamous tax payer yet he’s supporting the new Main Street Bridge.
  2. If the Main Street Bridge is built, the Sicamous tax payer is responsible for the ongoing maintenance costs of the new bridge.  From what I have read they are unable to project how much that might be which I find unacceptable.  
  3. The residents on the other side of the channel would not pay anything for the use of the proposed Main Street Bridge.
  4. Throughout the presentation, there is reference to a new frontage road at Silver Sands Road but that intersection is conveniently not on the presentation.  What exactly would that look like?
  5. What is happening at the intersection of Hwy 1 and Hwy 97A?  There is no reference to how that intersection will work when it is a four lane highway.
  6. Everyone agrees that the intersection at Old Spallumcheen Road and Hwy 1 is deadly and something needs to be done.  The option to provide an eastbound flow through lane to Gill Street seems to be a reasonable solution.  Having said that, why spend more money building a separate bride altogether which is only two blocks away?  The added economic benefit should be there whether they go with a new Main Street Bridge or the new eastbound flow through lane.

I am only mentioning some of the questions I need answers to and encourage all residents of Sicamous whether full time or part time, to investigate and be informed before a final decision is made.  

The author of this letter wishes to remain anonymous.

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One comment on “OPINION: Questions Regarding New Highway & Main Street Bridge

I think the distance between the TCH bridge ( the free bridge) and the proposed bridge at the end of Main Street is less than 100 meters. Why does anyone in Sicamous want 2 bridges side by side? Why is the mayor and some council members pushing so hard for a second bridge? Has anyone lobbied for a walking/ cycling lane on the free bridge? The options for just the one bridge seem to have some sort of lane for pedestrians. Efforts need to be made to expand it so our community members can more easily cross back and forth to the west side. Isn’t one of the councillors a former employee of the Ministry of Transportation? His efforts to get a decently sized pedestrian/cycle lane would surely help? Has Council considered this possibility? I read that the Solsqua/ Sicamous bridge will cost well over 4 million dollars to replace and that this is a local bridge, the Sicamous taxpayers have to bear the cost.
So why isn’t everybody behind the ” free bridge”, the bridge that the federal and provincial governments will fund. Why are we even talking about a second bridge?


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