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Hyde Mountain Course Conditions (July 9, 2017)


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After a week of having a house full of people I decided I needed some alone time at Hyde Mountain. After calling the pro shop this morning and confirming that it wasn’t very busy, I decided to walk on about an hour later. I seriously could not have asked for a better day of golf. Okay maybe like two things would have made it perfect but it was close. 

How Busy Was It?

hole-1-tee-boxNot. At. All. Seriously. I ran into a couple on the golf boards at hole 4 who let me play through after a quick exchange of friendly words. Then I caught up to another couple on hole 15 who offered to let me play up, which I respectfully declined. I was too busy enjoying the view of Mara Lake, having a beer, and enjoying the peacefulness. Once again I felt like I had the whole course to myself.

Random note on the golf boards – I tweeted earlier I was considering trying them out today but I declined because:

  1. Didn’t want to stand the whole time. Was all for being lazy today.
  2. Not enough beer holders on the boards. Was all for beer today.

Hyde Mountain Course Conditions

bad-green-at-hyde-mountainI was impressed with the conditions considering how dry it has been for so long. Any imperfections on the fairways and greens where very minimal and 99% of the dead grass was in areas you shouldn’t be playing from anyways. I think there were only two or three greens that showed small signs of imperfections but only in isolated sections. Ultimately I don’t think you could have asked for better grass given the circumstances. This picture of a green was about as bad as it got… on one hole, on one small part of the green. The rest? Pretty darn good (see pictures below).

The Verdict

Hyde Mountain is in great shape. Yeah there’s dead patches of grass but not on the fairways, tee boxes, or greens. The bunkers feel like garbage in my opinion, but that’s just something I’ve always noticed about Hyde Mountain’s bunkers. They are always stiff and sometimes they feel like you’re hitting off cement – especially if it’s been raining. I know because I had one bunker shot today on #6. It felt just like every other bunker at Hyde Mountain I’ve ever had to hit out of.

If you don’t mind waiting until later, I suggest you take the afternoon $30 deal for 9 holes after 4pm. I was really just eager to golf so I paid the $90 to golf 18 late in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love this course. In fact I would say it’s probably my favourite within a 45 minute radius of Sicamous. I just don’t think Hyde Mountain is a $90/round course, so I always try to take advantage of the late day rates.

Lastly, I ate a solid lunch after. Food was good. Weather was good. Views were good. The only other complaint I would have is the fact that I was having the BEST round I have ever had at Hyde Mountain. EVER. Until hole 18 when I blew up and took at 9 for a final score of 91. I even made it all the way through the course with the same ball until I shanked my tee shot on 18 and took a penalty. It was downhill from there and I’ll spare you the language I used at the end.

P.S. – Apparently Hyde Mountain has live music every Friday now???? See y’all Friday.

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