Fishing Report May 29 2017 – Mara Lake

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Well either the fish aren’t hungry or I don’t know how to fish in the spring. Probably the latter. Skunked again today and I did make a more honest effort than yesterday.

I decided I was going to fish Mara Lake today since I rarely do it. I headed right to the little bay where Hyde Mountain has the boat docks for the golfers. Fish were consistently marking in the 50 foot area on the way in and when I got there. Naturally I dropped the line down to that depth with the lure I ended with yesterday.

I made one pass south towards Turtle Bay. Nothing. Switched to the lure I started with yesterday, because that has traditionally been an effective setup – then headed back North in the opposite direction. Nothing again even though I was still marking fish… at 50 feet! So I switched up my lure to a spinner and was about to drop that, but decided to move right into Turtle Bay. I don’t know if a spinner is really used much on a downrigger or not but I figured I’d give it a shot.

When I got to Turtle Bay I decided to abandon it immediately because there was quite a bit of debris all around. At least more than I wanted to deal with. So I scooted across the lake next to Highway 97 to see if I could mark any fish. Nadda.

In a last ditch effort for some fish I thought I’d try the mouth of Sicamous creek by Waterway Houseboats. As I was approaching the creek I saw some good friends of ours working in their yard by the lake. Popped in to say hello and cut the fishing short because… well… beers were had.

Debris & Water Temperature

First of all, the debris seemed like way more of an issue today than yesterday. There were huge logs at the mouth of the river and lots of other smaller ones (but still big enough to do damage) out there. When I made my way towards the channel from the river the debris situation cleared up somewhat but I was still dodging the odd smaller piece. I figured Mara Lake would be better… and it was… somewhat.

There was one massive log not far outside the channel in Mara Lake and part of an old dock that clearly had seen better days in the middle of the lake. As I made my way towards Hyde Mountain there was still a few pieces I had to make a point of avoiding.

Turtle Bay? Yeah I already touched on that. I had to dodge debris on the way in and as I surveyed the situation I realized I was looking at 360 degrees of debris. Yeah… Nope.

Let’s talk water temperature. Entering the channel from the Shuswap I was reading mid 50’s. Exiting the channel into Mara I was reading mid 60’s. By the time I got to the bay at Hyde mountain by hole #4 the temperature peaked at 76F! ….. 76! I was really wishing the water level was lower because the shores are a little too rocky than I’m comfortable with to beach an inflatable dinghy. I would have ended the fishing there and swam in the lake the rest of the afternoon.

Side Note

My virtually brand new Mercury four stroke decided to have a “slippage” problem at the end of the day. Now I’m a little concerned. This is my first outboard engine so I am not very well versed in the mechanics of what might be causing it. Looks like I’ll be visiting JB Marine tomorrow so don’t expect another report for another day at the very least.

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