Fishing Report May 28 2017 – Shuswap Lake

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Here we have it folks, a little milestone for – the first fishing report.

I’ll have to admit off the bat I was not focusing the entire time on fishing as this was also the first time I was using my new boat on the water. I picked up a Kodiak 14 foot inflatable for a killer deal on Amazon about a month ago and was only able to get it set up Sunday before taking it out. So a good chunk of my time on the water Sunday evening was zipping around on the lake getting a feel for how it handled and just enjoying the scenery.

The Fishing

If you’re looking for pictures of my catch then you can stop reading now because I got skunked. Straight up – but here’s the when, where, and how.

flasher and apex lure setup for fishing

I started up towards the narrows on the eastern shoreline just passed Murdoch Point. By about 5:30 I dropped my line down to about 40-50 feet and started trolling from there with a flasher followed by an apex. Not sure how long I did this but probably longer than I should have because I was not marking much and what I was marking was all over the place. I ended up just enjoying the peace and quiet and scoured the shoreline and mountain for wild life. Only a deer.

I pretty much stuck with that setup until I got to Hungry Cove. I noticed fish marking in the 90-100ft area so I dropped my line down to 90 ft for a bit. Nothing.

pink apex lure

After a while It was 7:00 so I decided it was time to start making my way back towards town. I switched to a pink apex with no flasher and trolled at only 6 ft. I was getting some small markings up by the surface so it seemed like a good idea. Again – nothing. Pulled the line and started making my way back to town as I approached Murdoch Point.

As I was cruising by Old Town Bay I started marking a few fish along the bottom. I thought about trying to jig but it was getting late so I bailed on that idea.

Anyways, no fish but I still enjoyed myself on the lake. I plan on going out again Monday late afternoon/evening so you can expect another report the following day.

A Note on Water Temperature & Debris

It was pretty hot out on Sunday and it’s supposed to be like that until Tuesday. Water temperature by the river was cold at about 46F, which is no surprise. However by the time I got to Hungry Cove my fish finder was reading 71F. I was looking for a place to beach my boat and maybe take a dip but with the water so high finding a beach was seeming like a tough task.

Also to be expected at this time of year is the debris. There wasn’t as much as I would have expected considering the high levels and how fast the water in the river is flowing. However you definitely want to keep your eyes peeled out there. I did see a couple pieces floating around that if you hit them at any speed beyond trolling speed you might be sorry.

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