lake trout in net from shuswap lake

Fishing Report July 9 2017 – Shuswap Lake

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After my round at Hyde Mountain I decided I needed to get on the lake for a bit.  I was out for about 3 hours but not much of interest happened until about the last hour. I had tried around the mouth of the river and Semaphore Point but nothing took there. Then I worked my way up to Annis and found absolutely nothing marking on the finder. Then I ended up back by Semaphore and the mouth of the river trolling back and forth. I also switched to my usual flasher/apex at this time after having no luck with a pink/transparent apex earlier.

fish finder readings

As per usual I was getting a lot of soft hits on the finder shown in the picture. I’m still not completely sure what that is but it certainly does seem to me like schools of small fish so I dropped my line down there. It seemed to hover between 30-40 feet.

Edit: At the time of writing this I didn’t know what those soft hits were. Now I do. That’s your downrigger ball ya big dummy….

Once I was back around the river and Semaphore I started getting bites. A couple pulled the line out of the downrigger but they didn’t stick.

Then the weirdest thing happened….

The line came off the downrigger and it was definitely hooked on to something – but it was barely moving. It wasn’t fighting. It was like I had a snag. What makes this weird is the fact that the picture of the fish finder above was taken immediately after I was able to somehow retrieve my line from whatever I was hooked on to… and I was only trolling at about 35 to 40 feet, in 180ft of water.

Edit: In retrospect, I think I hooked a big salmon or something of a similar size. It just got off. Also, yes, I know you can’t fish for salmon in the Shuswap but you don’t have control over what bites your line.

I don’t know if it was some kind of deadhead that was waterlogged enough to sink only 35 feet down or what, but either way it was weird. I also took a screen shot of my location after this occurred.

screen shot of gps location from iphone in shuswap lake

Anyways… After the weirdness I got a few more bites and just as I was about to pack it in I had a hit!

I got this little laker at 38 feet or so using my standard set up. Success!

As you can see I snapped a couple pictures and sent him on his way to do more lake trout stuff.

lake trout in net from shuswap lake

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