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Fishing Report July 8 2017 – Shuswap Lake

screenshot of a shuswap lake trout that got away at the last second

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walter the golden doodle looking out over the bow of the boatWell today my sister and brother-in-law wanted to head out on the lake and I was eager to try and do a little fishing while we were out. We loaded up the boat with the essentials and headed out with first mate Walter on debris watch.

First I dropped them off at a beach by the rail road tracks and relatively close to town. I had noticed on my fish finder what I am assuming to be schools of small fish in the 50 foot range so that’s where I set my line using my favorite flasher/apex setup.I proceeded to troll up and down along the tracks for about 45 minutes. My line snapped out of the down rigger clip at one point but no fish. I can only assume it was a bite though because I was in almost 200 feet of water.

After that I picked up the family from the beach and we headed up towards Annis Bay. Again what I figured to be schools of small fish were marking in the 50 foot range so I dropped my line down there. At this point I was trolling towards Annis starting from the cabins along the rail road tracks. I can’t remember how long we trolled but sure enough we spotted movement on the rod. It didn’t release from the clip but I could tell I had something. I started to reel the line in and I will let the video below do the rest of the explaining…

gps location of shuswap lake trout that got awayThat’s the second fish that got away from me in two trips. It was a nice looking fish. I didn’t get a solid look at it but it almost looked like a lake trout, but tough to say.

The red dot is where the fish hit the lure.

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