shuswap lake bull trout

Fishing Report July 12, 2017 – Shuswap Lake (Four Fish!)

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This evening turned out to be THE evening of fishing, though I feared I was going to get skunked early on.

I started at Semaphore Point and trolled along the tracks in the 50-60ft area using the small silver flasher and medium sized green apex. After a while I would pick up my lines and head further towards Annis. This was the first hour or so of the trip. I switched my line to the pink apex alone at one point but that didn’t help.

I just don’t think the pink ones are the right ones for this time of year but I’m no expert and I’m stubborn sometimes.

After fishing along the tracks between Semaphore and Annis for too long I decided I’d focus my efforts around the mouth of the river. After going back to my typical flasher/apex combo I set my line down around 45 feet because I saw a couple fish mark in that area. Starting around Semaphore I trolled towards the river. This is when things took a turn for the better!

I’ll give you the important details here and then get to the fish! I let my fish finder dictate my line depth and I adjusted on the fly depending on where the fish were marking. It was around 6:30pm and my fish finder was blowing up with fish. A lot of them were in the 20 – 30ft range so I adjusted my line depth to be in that area for most of the evening.

I mainly stuck to about 25ft but I did make minor adjustments of no more than 5ft at a time. I never went deeper than about 35ft or shallower than 20ft. It’s also important to note that the majority of the action took place in under 100ft of water. All fish were caught on the usual flasher/apex setup.

I took a screen shot of my location by the river after my first catch. I pretty much trolled back and forth across the mouth (north-south) at varying depths of no more than 130ft the rest of the evening.

Lastly, all fish were released.

lake trout from shuswap lake

The first fish I pulled up was a lake trout. Very similar to the one I pulled up the other day.

shuswap lake bull trout

The second fish I pulled up was a really nice looking bull trout. I knew there were bull trout in this lake but I had never seen any pulled up. I also rarely heard of other anglers doing so either. So this was a cool catch and he was by far the biggest fish I pulled up this evening. I’m guessing he was in the 40-50cm range. Of course after releasing him it dawned on me that I had a tape measure in my tackle box. I figured I should set that up to be ready for any future catches. It came in handy as you will see. I’ll try to remember to do this on future fishing trips.

shuswap lake little rainbow trout july 12 2017

After the nice bully I pulled up my first of two rainbows. I’ll provide two pictures of each of the rainbows. I laid them down on my seat so you could get a nice view of them without my hand in there!

And finally the second rainbow!

On a Rather Unrelated Note…

As I was making my way home up the river two jet skiers came flying around a corner. They were going too fast so I couldn’t even get a picture of them to post. One even cut right in front of me and waved. I did give them a half-wave in my shocked state of mind that kind of disguised a middle finger. I guess my reaction was more passive-aggressive and shocked. None the less my reaction will be more noticeably stern should that happen again…

The river level is going down almost daily. There are lot’s of deadheads as well as more and more shallow areas. The river is also used daily by others so listen up:

  • Small boats like mine (less of a concern), kayakers, canoers, paddle boarders, etc. all use the river. Driving your big boat or jet ski at full blast coming around a corner on the river not only puts these people at risk, but you and your watercraft as well. Smarten up.
  • The river is technically a no wake zone. It actually has a 5 km/h speed limit which is posted in two places along the river. Unfortunately the 3rd sign is a floating sign at the mouth of the river that capsized some time ago. It’s all gummed up now and virtually needs to be replaced.
    • I’ll admit this can be hard to do for some coming upstream in a little boat loaded with people and/or gear. You will inevitably make a wake. I’ll also admit it’s very tempting to go faster on smooth, glass-like water. But at least keep it slow enough not to put yourself and especially others at risk. Your wake can tip a canoe! Be smart and slow down around other people and watercraft. There is not a lot of room to maneuver on that river some times.
  • Lastly, you can hit shallow water and/or deadheads before you even realize what’s in front or beneath you. I’ve seen it happen. One guy came ripping up the river quite a few years ago and we just watched him head straight for an area of deadheads hiding just below the surface. Sure enough, THUMP! I’m amazed the lower unit of his leg didn’t get ripped off. He clearly suffered some serious hull/leg damage though. I can’t imagine how many thousands of dollars that probably cost him.

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