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Fishing (and Boating) Report July 4 2017 – Shuswap Lake & Mara Lake

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Today’s purpose was mixed between trying to actually do some fishing and just getting out on the lake. I hopped into the boat with my sister, brother-in-law, and my nephew dog, Walter. None of them are really into fishing but we thought we’d do a mixedbag of things today.

We started up along the tracks towards Salmon Arm and stopped to let Walter out for a swim in a little cove just before Annis Bay. We took our time and threw the ball in the water for him while taking our own time to swim. Water temperature hovered around 77F but peaked at 79F. It was an absolutely amazing day to be in the water.

After spending half an hour or so on the shore we hopped in and that’s when I decided to drop my fishing line in. By this time it would have been about 3:30pm and we were heading back towards Sicamous the same way we came.

I was marking what appeared to be schools of small fish around the 50ft area and the odd larger one so naturally 50ft seemed like the depth to go. I used my favorite setup to see if I could keep it as my favorite – because back in May it didn’t do so hot. We trolled for a good 20 – 30 minutes since we were in no rush. Just as we were getting to the last group of cabins along the tracks we had a bite. I was able to get the fish almost to the surface and it broke free of the hook! That was my first fish of the season and it got away at the last second! I may or may not have used a flurry of four letter words… I’m still mad right now as I write this.

Anyways my brother-in-law was able to get a bit of a peek at the fish (I couldn’t because the sun was right in my eyes), and it sounds like it was probably a rainbow trout. I’m guessing a 2 pounder by the way it fought and the size estimate.

After all of the excitement we headed back to town and stopped at the boat launch in the channel to drop my sister and Walter off. My brother-in-law and I were in no way ready to head back home yet. It was still only 5:00pm! I wanted to try Mara one more time because I have never caught anything there but I seem to mark fish and hear of people catching fish.

flasher and apex lure setup for fishing

I’ll spare you all the details about the fishing because quite honestly, I’m done with that lake as far is fishing is concerned! Tried Turtle Bay/Hyde Mountain area as well as around Sicamous Creek. Nada. Also the water was noticeably cooler at 71F. I say noticeably because we jumped into Mara too.

A Note on Debris

Not sure why but the debris situation at the mouth of the Eagle River was bad today. I had already gone out a several times the last few days without a hint of a problem. We wanted to head up in the direction of the narrows but we aborted that due to all the debris. We were dodging everything and there was no end in site except to go back and take the Salmon Arm way. The bigger boats could easily get through the smaller stuff, but my little 14 footer and 6HP Mercury would have had trouble. Quite a few big pieces out there other boats had to dodge too. Was far less than ideal for most boats by the river today.

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