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Eagle River Golf & Country Club Conditions (July 6, 2017)


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eagle-river-golf-course-hole-1-tee-boxWell with all the heat these days and with no end in sight it seemed like time in/on the water was going to be the priority instead of any golfing. However that did not sit well with us. So we decided to get up “early” and do a quick 18 at Eagle River Golf & Country Club before the heat really hit.

I personally haven’t golfed at Eagle River Golf & Country Club for at least 5 years or so. I think I personally began to underrate it in my mind because after yesterday’s round I began to remember what a great little course this was. If you want to go out for a quick 9 or 18 on a shorter course then you can’t go wrong with Eagle River Golf Club.

How Busy Was It?

eagle-river-golf-course-hole-5-green-and-bunkerIt wasn’t busy at all. We teed off around 9:45am and at that time there was only one twosome on the course several holes ahead. We virtually had the whole course to ourselves. After our first nine that twosome had finished and we could see a threesome that teed off after us quite a ways back. It was great because we could take our time.

A quick note – Men’s night is every Wednesday and they expect things to get busy around 3:00-3:30pm.


Eagle River Golf & Country Club Conditions

eagle-river-golf-course-hole-1-fairway-and-greenOverall I’d say the course conditions were pretty good, but not great. There were lots of dry grass patches that looked like they hadn’t seen water for some time. Then there were other dead grass patches that were clearly submerged under water during the flooding a month ago. On the first hole as you approach the green, there seemed to be dry patches that had been filled with sand. This created rather weird little “bunkers” that clearly weren’t supposed to be there.

eagle-river-golf-course-hole-1-fairwayLastly, the greens seemed very inconsistent. The first green seemed to be the worst from what I could see as there was lots of dead grass. Throughout the round we noticed you really couldn’t tell if the green was going to be fast or slow. They all seemed to behave differently.

However, there were lots of sections on the course that looked and played exactly how they were supposed to. Holes two and three looked great from the tee box, and holes 4 and 5 looked pretty good as well.

The Verdict

I’d go back in it’s current condition if I wanted a short nine or eighteen. Some holes weren’t the nicest given the current conditions but I don’t think any of it had too much of an affect on my game. I’m consistently inconsistent after all…

Additional pictures below.

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